What is Jetter Reel?

The only hose reel that spins the Jetter Hose

The old way of using a Sewer Jetter was very difficult to get the jetter hose around tight corners in the drain system. This frustration lead to the invent of the pulse valve that vibrated the jetter hose and helped very little. The high pressure water jetter equipment was expensive and just about usless on residential sized drain lines and small commercial kitchen drain lines. The word was out that high pressure water jetting was a frustrating to useless process for residental and commercial kitchen applications. Not any more. I knew that we had to change this because grease choked kitchen lines and soap clogged bathroom lines need a jetting process to properly clean the lines.

Nessecity is the mother of invention. We created 'Jetter Reel'. This is a patent pending machine that spins the jetter hose much like a tradional cable style machine. When the jetter hose spins, it can get around corners much much easier. Watch our video to see 'Jetter Reel' in action.

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